Custody Service

Custody service generally means "management" or "storage" of crypto assets. Bonanza Exchange manages, stores, and transfers cryptographic assets on behalf of the owner. This eliminates the need for the owner to manage complex data.

Custody "Switch"

Established a system service that converts BTC-USDT according to upward and downward processing trends Stable profits can be secured

Custody "Inheritance"

Transfer of ownership and possession rights and transfer of assets are possible through a designated proof method as a risk hedge against problems that may occur in personal management, such as loss of passwords and death of the owner

Lending Services

Crypto lending is an investment method that allows you to earn interest by lending the funds you have in your account to an exchange. By lending the funds for a certain period of time, it is possible to increase the amount of virtual currency held without fail.

1.A service that generates profit by lending cryptocurrency

2.Initially, the service is expected to be offered in BTC and ACL

NFT Project

1.Provides a platform for issuing NFTs, creating NFT galleries, and trading NFTs

Integration with external wallet applications

1.Release of wallet apps linked with currencies handled by Bonanza exchange including ACL

2.Improve liquidity and strengthen cooperation with other entities

Cooperation with news and media

1.Collaboration with companies and platforms dealing with cryptocurrency and financial information

2.Strengthen communication, announce innovative services, and spread the word

Linkage with banks and debit cards

1.Linkage with banks makes it possible to connect with services provided in legal tender

2.Issuance of debit cards linked to external wallets

1.We plan to launch and list tokens that are linked to external services

Increase the number of supported currencies

1.Increase the number of currencies that can be handled on the exchange at any time by the end of 2022 to increase the inflow of users

2.10-12 currencies by the end of 2022 and 15-20 currencies by the end of 2023

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